CMG Katahdins
CMG Katahdins


I am offering these Rams and Ewes for sale at reasonable prices. Please do your research before buying sheep. Investigate and compare. Look at performance data along with the physical traits that you like. These are ewes and ewe sires with balanced EBV's. You will find that these rams are an inexpensive way to strengthen the economic traits within your flock.

Remember the Ram is 50% of your flock. Don't cut corners its not worth it.

Thank You

Carl Ginapp

Lambing season started in late January this year. I have selected a few top lambs for sale. Only the top breeding quality rams will be offered for sale. This page updated 6/30/2017.

CMG 17030

Consigned to KHSI Expo Sale July 29th, Greenfield, IN

Son of CMG16017

June 15th 2017 EBV's

BWT .6, MWWT 1.6, WWT 2.6, PWWT 4.0, Katahdin Index 112.6

Top of the breed balanced ebvs. Nice thick ram.

CMG 16079


RR Son of BAG 2135

June 3rd 2016 EBV's

BWT .5, MWWT .1, WWT 3.5, PWWT 6.0, Katahdin Index 103.1

This is a very thick ram. The BAG ram does not have maternal EBVs yet so the numbers above are from the mother only. When he proves himself they could be much higher. The exceptional growth numbers are proven.
CMG 16026

Consigned to KHSI Expo Sale, August 6th, Cookville, TN

RR Son of NWT 337

June 3rd 2016 EBV's

BWT .3, MWWT .8, WWT 2.3, PWWT 4.2, Katahdin Index 111.8

This lamb was born a triplet to one of my most productive ewes. I am keeping one of his brothers to use in my flock. Top of the breed maternal index balanced with high growth. Hard to find both in one animal.
CMG 16100


Son of BAG 2135

June 3rd 2016 EBV's

BWT .5, MWWT -.3, WWT 2.6, PWWT 4.1, Katahdin Index 102.5
CMG 16092


QR son of BAG 2135

June 3rd 2016 EBV's

BWT .6, MWWT .3, WWT 3.9, PWWT 6.8, Katahdin Index 103.5
CMG 16035


RR son of BAG 2135

June 3rd 2016 EBV's

BWT .5, MWWT -.3, WWT 3.5, PWWT 6.0, INDEX 102.3
CMG 16066

Consigned to KHSI Expo Sale August 6th, Cookeville, TN

RR triplet from BUL13901

June 3rd 2016 EBV's

BWT .3, MWWT 1.2, WWT 2.4, PWWT 4.5, INDEX 111.5

This ram has it all. High maternal balanced with growth. Hard to find this balance.
CMG 16016


RR son of Bag 2135

June 3rd 2016 EBV's

BWT .4, MWWT .3, WWT 2.9, PWWT 4.7, Index 105.5

I think I am keeping this one for myself.

RR triplet from NWT 337

June 3rd 2016 EBV's

BWT .1, MWWT .8, WWT 1.3, PWWT 2.6, Index 111.5

This is one of the triplets from my top producing ewe. I am keeping one, consigning one to the expo and selling this one outright. Don't miss the chance to get a top indexing ram lamb with great connectivity.
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