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I changed the size of the CMG Big Round Bale Feeder. It is now 6'10" square. I had a found that when softer big round bale settled it was hard to assemble the feeder around them. The extra size made the assembly easy again. Also I am weaving the horizontal rods on the sliding ends for strength. This steel weave provides a very strong yet light weight feeder.

All feeder pannels now are dual purpose pannels. They can be assembled as feeders or corral pannels. My feeders would be used for 5 months out of the year and then collect dust for the rest of the time. Not any more. Its getting two products for the price of one.

Sometimes I do build and sell feeders to the public. Please contact me for availabilty and price. Prices listed are subject to change due to the steel market.

$350.00 each

This is a round bale feeder that will handle a bale up to 1500 lbs without any problem. Horizontal sides to reduce animals losses. Sliding front and back pieces with two horizontal bars to prevent young ewes getting stuck in them. All new steel construction and paint. This is the standard feeder on my farm.

The above photo is three feeders assembled to feed round bales.

The photo below is the same three feeders assembled as a corral.

Its like getting two products for the price of one.


This is the same type feeder as the one above but it is designed for the 3x3x8 big square bales.


This is a combination of the two feeders above. The sides of the CMG Big Round Bale Feeder and the long sliding front and back from the CMG Big Square Bale Feeder. With this feeder you can feed 3x3x8 big square bales, 4x4x8 big square bales and round bales up to 2200 lbs. With the monster big round bales hay will need to be pulled down every once in a while because the sheep can't reach that high. This is shown with a 3x3x8 bale that is half gone. Built with all new steel and paint.
Hay Day

These are the standard bales that are used in North Central Iowa. Looks like a full load for the Cummins powered Dodge.
CMG 4' Creep Panel
Updated 6-17-11
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