CMG Katahdins
CMG Katahdins

2008 was a year of transition for CMG Katahdins

I increased the size of my sheep barn from 2000 square feet to 10,000 square feet. The green roof (right) was the original barn.
View during construction during summer of 2008. Barn was built almost entirely of recycled lumber. This was made possible by owning my own sawmill and having access to logs and timbers that would have gone to a landfill.
Steel siding is being installed. Note the eave ventilation.
Installation of frost-free automatic waterers throughout the building.
View of pens from North End of Barn. Four pens capable of lambing 75 ewes each and one smaller Ram pen.
View of one of the pens
View of working chute
View of tub and swing gate
View of 16' working chute. Note the angle of the sides. 6" wide walking path in the bottom of chute. This forces sheep to be in a single file line and limits their movement during handleing.
Scale slides inbetween the two slide gates. This is a very important tool for taking weights for the NSIP. Note extra space after scale for tilt table in the future.
This is a round bale feeder that I manufactured in my shop. The round bale is about 1500 lbs and is standard size in my part of the country. I used this design after having sheep get killed in several different feeders similar to this.
Hay Day !!
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