CMG Katahdins
CMG Katahdins

Breeding Rams

CK-02-208 "Roberto"

This ram was purchased in the summer of 2003 from Nancy Case. Roberto is RR at codon 171, has hard black hooves, and possesses good maternal traits. This is one of the foundation sires of my flock.
SWP 4-104 

My friend, Steve Bull, bought this ram in 2004 from John Stromquist. Steve was nice enough to let me borrow him to breed with select ewes. This guy is QR codon 171, his coat sheds slick every spring, and he is one of the highest proven maternal trait leaders in the Katahdin breed.
 CMG 7017 "Trendsetter"

This ram was the top of my 2007 lamb crop. Breed leading EPD's. Part of my 2009 lamb crop is from him. This ram was sold at the 2008 KHSI expo in Boonesboro, MD for a breed record of $3100.00
TMD 8-106 RR at Codon 171

May 1st 2012 EBV's

BWT .67, MWWT 1.07, WWT 2.45, PWWT 4.06, Katahdin INDEX 108.49
TLF 7018 RR at codon 171 Proven Trait Leader

2009 EPDs

60 Day 2.8, 120 Day 5.1, Milk .8, Milk + Growth 2.1, Lamb Crop 4.1, % Weaned 8.3, Total lbs weaned 4.0
CMG 9059 RR at codon 171 March Ram Lamb Son of TMD 8-106

This is my next herd sire. This is the ram that I am holding back for myself. EPDs at the top of the breed. This is my top ram out of my 2009 lamb crop. Triplet raised as triplet. His 60 day adj cor weight is 87 lbs. Mom weaned 180 lbs of lamb at 60 days. Mom also has a total lbs weaned epd of 12.1. EPDs work this is proof!

Photo taken at 5 months old. 

2009 EPDs

60 Day 2.8, 120 Day 5.0, Milk 2.0, Milk + Growth 3.3, Lamb Crop 10.8, % Weaned 18.4, Total lbs Weaned 9.1
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